Five Benefits of Meditation for Seniors

Lockdown has taken us away from our busy lives but just being on our own for so long can be stressful. Meditation is a great way to reduce stress and has many benefits, both physical and spiritual, for older people. Here are the top 5: Improved memory and cognitive ability: Meditation stimulates the Hippocampus and front… Read More →

Flower Power

It’s Spring and all around us are a host of golden daffodils and delicious scented hyacinths with the promise of further spring blooms to come. With a little knowledge and practice, flower arranging not only beautifies our surroundings, it improves manual dexterity, promotes sensory stimulation and can also reduce stress. If you are interested in learning… Read More →

Streatham’s History Makers

Streatham and its surrounding areas have been home to numerous people who have left their mark on history, albeit in the arts, science or enterprise and yet only two, the comedian and actor, Tommy Trinder and composer, Sir Arnold Bax, have blue plaques to mark where they lived. So why not download your Google map… Read More →

Not strictly for the birds

This weekend, (29-31) January, is the RSPB’s Big Garden Birdwatch 2021. Across the UK, people will be taking part to see the drama and entertainment unfold on their doorsteps and take part in the world’s largest wildlife survey. This is an opportunity to sit with a cuppa, or take a stroll, to enjoy watching the… Read More →

10 Classic Films for Lockdown

There’s never been a better time to catch up on the classic films that you might not have had time to watch previously – or enjoyed so much, you are looking forward to seeing again. What better place to snuggle down than our cinema room where you can have the added benefit of watching on… Read More →

Get to Know the Literary South London

As the seasons change, now is a great time to snuggle up with a good book. Our selection here is designed to help you get to know South London a little better as all of the following are set in the Capital’s south side or have a strong connection with it. People Who Say Goodbye:… Read More →

A Good Night’s Sleep

As the clocks go back, it can interfere with our sleep patterns. A good night’s sleep is important for mind and body, so there are a few tips to steer you towards a refreshing slumber. Those who already live at The Vale, will have a comfortable, stylish and inviting bedroom. Lighting can be controlled remotely… Read More →

Something Creative For Everyone at the Streatham Festival

The Vale is delighted to co-sponsor the Streatham Festival which is celebrating its 20th anniversary and runs from 9-18 October. It offers an action-packed programme of arts activities including music concerts, dance, workshops, poetry, the spoken word, crafts, themed walk and even something for dogs! Events take place at a variety of venues across Streatham and… Read More →

Financial Planning & Advice

If you are thinking about moving home, you will also have questions about how this will affect your finances. Perhaps you have concerns about how you will finance the cost of independent living in the longer term or, if you are downsizing, what the tax implications might be. The Vale is delighted to be working… Read More →

Why be alone when you can be with new friends?

If lockdown has taught us anything, it is the value of spending time with friends and loved ones. The importance of being part of a community has never been more to the fore. When you are isolating to protect yourself, you can become lonely very quickly. But what if you already live on your own?… Read More →