Want to Live Longer? Join a Book Club

If you love reading, then you might just prolong your life by joining a book club and chatting about the texts you enjoy. A study published in BMJ Open magazine found that those who joined a social membership group, such as a book club, reduced their risk of dying in the first few years of… Read More →

Soothe the body and soul with classical music

Many of us enjoy the soothing sounds of a sonata or feel our creativity stirred by a concerto but did you know that classical music really does have some proven beneficial effects on our moods, brain and physical performance? These include: enhanced memory improved quality of sleep a spike in creativity reduced stress levels If… Read More →

Staying fit in retirement

Exercise plays a key part in living well and longer – keeping both mind and body in good health. Many of us will have done our best to stay active during the ‘lockdown’, but it is only recently that we have been allowed to return to more formal exercise classes, with some still yet to… Read More →

Ten tips to moving with ease

The Vale Living are proud to offer home owners expert advice from our partners, downsizing experts The Senior Move Partnership. Amanda Fyfe and Michelle Park – Directors at Senior Move Partnership Ltd – have kindly shared some key top tips below. The Senior Move Partnership share their tips on reducing the stress of relocating and… Read More →

Nurture your soul at The Rookery

No matter how comfortable your surroundings, sometimes you just need to get away and immerse yourself in a green oasis. Such a place exists, no more than a 10 minute drive from the Vale. Tucked away at the higher end of Streatham Common, ‘The Rookery’ feels a world away and will transport you to a… Read More →

Why joining a hobby club is good for your wellbeing

If there’s one thing the last few months of lockdown have taught us, it’s how difficult isolation can be for us all. And for older people the experience can be even more challenging. Age UK reports that the number of over-50s experiencing loneliness is forecast to reach two million by 2025/6, compared to around 1.4… Read More →

The unexpected benefits of renting in retirement

Whilst there are most certainly plenty of benefits to owning a home during your retirement, renting is another fantastic option that provides many with a flexible and easy way to make the most of their retirement. Our new retirement apartment development at The Vale offers the opportunity to rent a luxury retirement apartment in South… Read More →

A happy retirement and the U-curve of happiness

Having the aspirations to live and enjoy a happy retirement is the goal that most of us aim for and share. The period in life where you are free of the day job, hopefully mortgage free and you can finally sink your teeth into all those hobbies and travel that you have kept putting off… Read More →

Corona Virus Update

In light of the evolving situation regarding COVID-19, we are following Government guidance closely but also taking further steps to minimise the exposure of our prospective residents and our team.  The wellbeing of The Vale team and our prospective residents is incredibly important to us. In addition, we are aware that our prospective residents are… Read More →