A stitch in time

Embroidery is really having a resurgence and for lots of reasons embroidery needs to be in your lives from repairing worn clothes, darning or decoratively adding a patch to something or just simply adding a personal touch to and old or new garment. Jane Doxey of KHY sewing School came along to The Vale to provide an embroidery masterclass.

The taster ran through the basics of hand embroidery and there was lots of talk of other projects that people had sew from tapestry to patchwork. Jane showed how to start your creative embroidery journey from a couple of the basic stitches, transfer design techniques, types of thread and needles to use, splitting thread, hoops and much more.

There were examples of some fantastic cool ways to use embroidery in a more artful way, also adding some personal touches to clothing and home textiles. Our starter project was to embroider a Christmas card. We look forward to more craft afternoons to come.