Additional space for guests? No Problem

Most people who come to live at The Vale do so because they are usually downsizing from a larger property. It comes as no surprise that downsizing takes a bit of getting used to. When you have come from a much property, you may well have been used to bringing the spare bedroom or bedrooms into use when family and friends come to stay. But what do you do if you now have only a one-bedroom home and want to spend as much time as possible with your nearest and dearest when they come to visit?

No problem – The Vale can come to the rescue. It is unusual for a boutique retirement village, such as ours, in that it has not one, but two luxury on-site guest suites to offer. Even more appealing is that there is a choice of size – a one bedroom unit or two-bedroom suite, so the whole family can come! Rest assured that your visitors will be able to take advantage of luxury surroundings plus all the benefits you enjoy, including use of the bar, bistro and free wi-fi. It means you can have the best of both worlds; a smaller, easier to maintain property, yet still be able to entertain visitors and not have to send them home at the end of the evening.

Maybe you have not yet made the move but are thinking of joining a retirement village such as The Vale? Perhaps you are not certain that retirement living would suit you or that The Vale is the village for you? Then why not come for a short trial stay in a guest suite before making a final decision? You can live like a resident, with access to all facilities, join in as little, or as much of our community life, as you choose, meet the other residents and discover what The Vale and its environs have to offer. If you are unfamiliar with this part of London, it is a good opportunity to explore local shops, restaurants, entertainment and even how long the trip is to the centre of London to visit your favourite galleries, theatres or museums.

The cost of a short stay is competitive and often better value than London hotel rates. Our Operations Manager can advise on details and booking availability for our guest suites. Please bear in mind that due to current Covid restrictions, some services may not be available on your trial dates.

“I’ve stayed in the guest suite a few times now and highly recommend it. It’s good value, comfortable and makes visiting my Mum at The Vale very convenient, especially since there is somewhere to park my car (not a given in London). The staff members are always welcoming and it has been really nice to get to know them and the other residents better. I look forward to my next stay!” 


We are ready when you are to welcome you to The Vale!