All You Need Is Love – And a Good Teacher

It was a sunny, early Autumn morning with love and harmony in the air as around 10 Valees gathered for a vocal workout.

Professional singer and teacher Hayley Louise Guest, who has prepared many performers for their singing exam, led the group. The session started with a warm-up and a chance to rehearse clear diction as participants repeated ‘My Dog, He Can Do The Can-Can’.

The song for the day was The Beatles’ classic ‘All You Need Is Love’ which turned out to be surprisingly difficult as the timing is off-beat. With sips of elderflower cordial to keep the vocal chords lubricated, the group soon got the hang of it. To add interest, they were divided into two groups to harmonise together. The results were really quite impressive as everyone, including the tutor, agreed. She suggested that group should form a choir.

With her own performance much admired, Hayley Louise has been invited to return to The Vale to give a recital in the near future. We all look forward to it.