Artisans Dinner

Artisans’ Dinner

The Valees recently gathered for dinner and a private viewing of the work produced by residents who attended our series of art master classes. These had centred on artists linked to local exhibitions such as the Berthe Morisot show at The Dulwich Picture Gallery, Cezanne at The Tate and Van Gogh, who had visited Streatham and indeed created a sketch of the Common (now lost).

Pride of place at our viewing was given to the piece of community art that was created by our students and exhibited at the recent Streatham Festival.

Our dinner and display was a chance for all of the The Vale residents to appreciate the stunning works created by their friends and neighbours. Many had not picked up a paint brush since their school days. One lady commented on how the sessions had uncovered a creative side that she didn’t know she had!

The suitably themed, accompanying artisans’ dinner yielded dishes inspired by famous artists.

Pre-dinner wine and canapés were followed by:

Andy Warhol’s Campbell’s Milk of Tomato Soup

Monet’s Potato Pie

Salvador Dali’s Fruit Crumble

One guest really added to the occasion by arriving dressed as Salvador Dali, complete with curly moustache.

Everyone enjoyed the event and appreciated the talent on view. All the members of the art group are looking forward to the classes in 2024 to further engage and demonstrate their creativity.