Artists Ready to Exhibit at the Streatham Festival

The Valees are ready to exhibit their artwork. They have created a collaborative contribution that will form part of the forthcoming Streatham Festival.

Over recent months, the group has participated in a series of tutored sessions learning how to work with different art forms and media, including sculpture, watercolours, pastels and acrylics.

Now, they have combined their talents to produce a piece for the festival. Each person selected a letter to paint, decorate and inject their own personal style. Using acrylics on canvas, the letters spell out the word ‘Streatham’.

Each letter took time, concentration and the chance for the painters to leave their day-to-day cares behind as they focused on their piece. The result is a unique artwork that reflects the individual’s artistic talent as well as displaying their personality through colour selection and embellishment.

The finished item sums up the diverse nature and vibrancy of the local community. It will now be framed ready to go on show at StreatArt which forms part of the overall Streatham Festival (13 – 22 October). StreatArt features a trail of art from both professional and amateur artists, which can be viewed in galleries, shops, cafes and businesses along the High Street. Be sure to put the dates in your diary!