Blooming marvellous

Spring burst into life at The Vale with Residents taking part in a flower arranging class.

Our eight novice florists followed instructions to create a simple arrangement in a mini enamel bucket. 

They used fragrant eucalyptus, pink gypsophila and waxed flowers, roses, spray carnations and some of The Vale’s very own greenery to create the central display. Rosemary with its delicate lilac flowers and hellebores formed garlands around the pots to complete the setting.

There was much chatter as everyone worked to create an individual display with its own personal touch – from an ‘Escape to the Chateau’ look to a more formal design. 

Everyone loved taking part and impressed with their first-time attempts. And, of course, they all had a lovely display to take back to decorate their apartments.

The next session will be making an arrangement in a tea cup.

For those who might like to try creating their own version of The Valee’s work, here are the simple steps we followed:

Step 1 – Make a grid across the top similar to a flower frog to hold the flowers

Step 2 – Cut flowers and greenery to fit

Step 3 – Form a shape with the greenery 

Step 4 – Add the key flowers – in this case, roses

Step 5 – Fill in the shape with smaller flowers, gypsophila and waxed flowers

Step 6 – Sit back and enjoy a cup of coffee and a shortbread biscuit and admire your work – as we did!