Double Royal Celebration

The Valees were afforded at least two opportunities to celebrate the Coronation together – perhaps in recognition of both a King and Queen being crowned at Westminster. 

On the eve of the big day, they sat down to a fish and chip supper, over which there was a great deal of chatter and excitement about what was to come. There were also, no doubt, a few tales told about the previous Coronation in 1953 by those who remembered it.

Coronation Day itself gave residents the chance to watch the more formal proceedings on the TV or take a trip into central London to catch a glimpse of the procession. There was a prize for the best dressed person. At 3.00 pm, they had their own indoor ‘street party’ with a buffet tea and another chance to swap stories and opinions on this most momentous occasion. A glass was raised to toast the King and Queen and to wish Their Majesties a long and happy reign.