Haggis, Tartan and a Wee Dram

Vale Residents from both sides of the border created a Burns Night to remember. Tartan was much in evidence with one guest fashioning a hat made from a tartan hankie, others with plaid ties and even one who had swapped a kilt for a quilt!

The haggis was duly ‘addressed’ by one of our Scots’ heritage residents, who later sang for us ‘Ae Fond Kiss’. A ‘wee dram’ accompanied the haggis and there was chicken pie, and cranachan too.

‘Rabbie’ Burns wrote the words to ‘Ae Fond Kiss’ for his friend (and some say, lover), Agnes Maclehose, when she sailed to the West Indies to join her estranged husband.

One thing is certain, friendships at The Vale were further cemented by this celebration of Scotland’s most famous poet …and no-one had far to travel home.