Honouring Van Gogh

2025 will be the 150th anniversary of Vincent Van Gogh’s famous visit to Streatham which he recorded with a small drawing of Streatham Common. Indeed, in April 1875, he wrote to his brother Theo about it. ‘It’s a view of Streatham Common, a large, grass-covered area with oak trees and broom. It had rained in the night, and the ground was soggy here and there and the young spring grass fresh and green.’

Sadly, this original drawing has been lost over the years but his Sunflowers series is famous throughout the world. It was this subject that our art group used as their inspiration to anticipate the forthcoming anniversary of the Dutch artist’s sojourn in South London. Whilst it was arguably a very ‘impressionistic’ interpretation of the brilliance of Van Gogh, it was clear how far our group has come in the development of their skills and creativity.

At the time of Van Gogh’s visit to Streatham Common, he was living at 87 Hackford Road, Stockwell, which was run as a boarding house. The building is now an arts centre with courses, exhibitions, guided tours and other events taking place throughout the year. Further information is available at https://vangoghhouse.co.uk