Learning Their Letters

Last year, The Vale’s art group made its contribution to the Streatham Art Trail, part of the bigger Streatham Festival, with a collage-style artwork spelling out the name ‘Streatham’. Each member of the group drew and decorated an individual letter which reflected their own personal style.

A year on, we are back. This time, the group has used a similar approach to spell out ‘Festival’. Producing the letter forms tested their concentration, cognitive and dexterity skills but there was also a fair bit of socialising, fun and relaxation as they chatted between brush strokes.

Everyone was pleased with the finished article, especially Bernadette, who is organising the Art Trail for the festival. She described the piece as ‘uplifting’.

This is not the only artwork that we will be contributing. The group has already produced a series of ‘garden’ panels at previous art classes. These are based on the ‘Impressionist’ style. During their creation, participants learned a little more about the lives, works and techniques employed by some of the great French artists of the period.