Magical Matisse

Our series of art sessions at The Vale has afforded Residents the opportunity to learn more about the lives of some of our most famous artists and to practise some of their techniques. 

The latest ‘maestro’ to come under the spotlight was Henri Matisse. Best known for his use of colour and fluid style as a painter, he was also a draughtsman, sculptor and print maker. His career spanned many decades and in his later years, he turned to collage and paper cutting, producing a series of works in bright colours. Some were based around the circus and had subtle meanings. 

Matisse’s style is bang on trend for Spring 2023, so look out for his prints in your summer wardrobe.

Using self-adhesive, coloured papers, our Matisse protégées cut out abstract shapes to create their dazzling images. Of course, as all creative artists do, they put their own interpretation on their work with a leprechaun and clover leaf making appearances on pieces. 

This proved to be an inspirational session which really lifted the spirits and prompted a lot of laughter. It left our residents clamouring for more.