Our Outdoor Terrace is a Breath of Fresh Air

Although it might seem like the summer has temporarily disappeared, the sun is sure to shine again and when it does, what better place to spend some time than on The Vale’s lovely terrace?

Tables and chairs are positioned among the potted plants enabling residents to gaze out over the garden with its trees providing a wonderful green canopy. Indeed, some of our ground floor apartments open out onto it, so it is just like having a private patio.

The terrace is a wonderful place to relax with friends over a cup of coffee. Some use it as a quiet escape to settle down and enjoy a good book whilst others just sit back, admire the view, listen to the bird song and let their cares float away.

This magical spot has been used as the inspiration for one of our nature-inspired art classes where aspiring artists painted sunflowers. It is also the perfect setting for our summer bbq. This year’s event is due later this month, by which time we hope the weather will have taken a turn for the better.