Spooky Celebration

Just as All Hallows’ Eve approached and darkness closed in, eerie music was heard echoing through the halls and corridors of The Vale. A door creaked open; a group of ghostly shapes was glimpsed hunched around a table. What were they plotting? What gruesome plans were afoot? What chilling spells were being wrought?

Worry not, it was our residents taking part in a Hallowe’en quiz with suitable musical accompaniment. The cooking pot did not harbour ‘eye of newt or toe of frog’ – just the chef’s take on a spooky menu – Ghoulish Goulash, Pumpkin Mash and Cumberland Sausages followed by Ghostly Meringues. 

And by the time the witching hour struck, our satiated, spirit seekers were safely tucked up in bed hoping that any encroaching nightmares would be kept at bay by sweet dreams.