Sunshine, Flowers and a Wash of Colour

The Vale’s terrace on a sunny day in Streatham proved the perfect venue for residents, and even a couple of their guests, to gather for a watercolour masterclass.

Award-winning, multi-media artist, Marina Beard, who lives and works in South-East London, was the expert tutor who led the group. Given that the subject was a vase of sunflowers, some channelled their inner Vincent Van Gogh as they became absorbed in their work. 

Marina helped the painters to harness their creativity whilst they learned how to handle a brush, produce watercolour washes and mix colours. There were lots of opportunities to chatter and talk of sunny, summer pastimes. 

The results were stunning and really reflected the beautiful summer’s day.  We are sure that some of them will be proudly displayed on residents’ walls. One participant was so pleased with his work that he signed it ‘Picasso’!