Art class drawing

The Art of Dance

The French Impressionist artist, Edgar Degas, is perhaps best known for his pictures of ballet dancers, and it was this subject that was the basis of The Vale’s latest art master class.

Degas worked in both pastels and oils but it was the former with which our students were presented this time. Pastels are unlike any other art medium however, the results are so impressive that finished works are described as ‘paintings’. 

The group started by drawing geometric shapes. They produced elipses for the head and body and large circles to form the tutu. Next came experimenting with mark making. Most were a little hesitant at the beginning and unsure that the final result would resemble a dancer. Concentration, perseverance and some guidance from their tutor won out. By the time they had added in some colour, they did indeed have recognisable ballet dancers to show for their efforts.

This series of classes is really allowing members to build their creativity, expertise, experience and confidence with a whole range of techniques and art media including watercolours, acrylics, pastels and sculpture. And the icing on the cake was that they were having such a good time too.