The unexpected benefits of renting in retirement

Whilst there are most certainly plenty of benefits to owning a home during your retirement, renting is another fantastic option that provides many with a flexible and easy way to make the most of their retirement.

Our new retirement apartment development at The Vale offers the opportunity to rent a luxury retirement apartment in South West London. With the latest COVID lockdown measures being reduced, now is the perfect time to discover for yourself why renting could be the option for you.

The main draw for most is the flexibility and freedom that comes from renting. Whether you want to use your new-found free time to take up additional hobbies or simply no longer want the stress of owning your home, renting makes it all possible.

There is also nothing stopping you from jumping back on the housing ladder in the future either, should your needs change. Leases on all of our luxury rental apartments last for a year, so you have the freedom to move after this point if you so wish. Alternatively, if you would prefer to stay, then you have the reassurance that your rental apartment can be your home for as long as you wish.

Making that first step, transitioning from family home to then downsize into a retirement apartment can feel daunting but do not worry. With renting you can make the move at a pace that suits you, whilst also enjoying all that the retirement lifestyle can bring. Plus, with property maintenance taken care of when you need it, there’s no need to worry should anything go wrong.

Downsizing to a rented luxury retirement apartment at The Vale also means you have the added peace of mind of having our Operations Manager on hand, should any concerns or questions arise, or even if you just want to say hello!

The equity released from selling and moving to a rental apartment is another appealing factor in choosing to rent. Whether you use the money to really make the most of your retirement by going travelling or taking up new hobbies or simply boosting your retirement income, renting can help make that happen.

Lastly, another fantastic benefit of moving to a retirement development is the sense of community and support available. At The Vale, you’ll soon get to know your neighbours and other friendly faces. You also have access to all the additional facilities, such as the wellbeing room and garden bistro and bar where you’ll find a very sociable atmosphere as well as being able to enjoy a catch up with your friends.

So, if you are interested in the retirement lifestyle and are considering downsizing, then why not consider renting a luxury retirement apartment at The Vale. With a range of rental apartments to suit different budgets and tastes, it is now even easier to enjoy renting during your retirement.