The Vale is Buzzing

Ground staff at The Vale have been working hard to make the garden as inviting as possible – both to residents and wildlife.

The result is a stunning display of nectar and pollen-rich plants that have proved irresistible to bees and other valuable pollinators.

The display includes majestic red hot pokers, (also known as torch lilies), fragrant vetivert, rosemary and salvia. Red hot pokers (kniphofia) are not actually a member of the lily family. They are perennial plants, grown from corms, and can be planted in containers as well as borders. They will provide colour over many weeks and the flower spikes should be cut down after they have finished. 

Depending on the weather, most bees, hover flies and other insects will still be on the wing looking for food right well into the Autumn. Common carder bees, one of our most common bumble bees will forage even in November and honey bees will come out on sunny days. 

It is not too late, therefore, to plant up or put out some pots on the patio or balcony to boost insect food supplies. Apart from the statuesque red hot pokers, flowering plants such as sedums, asters, colchicum (Autumn crocus) and verbena bonariensis will reward the bees with nectar and you with satisfaction of doing your bit for nature and the simple beauty of the plants themselves. .