Turning your new apartment into a home

Moving into a retirement apartment and selecting what to bring can be daunting. The likelihood is that you may be downsizing and invariably this will mean leaving somethings behind to ensure adequate space.

First on the list should be the items that you really cannot bear to be parted from – a favourite chair or sofa, dining suite and perhaps a treasured collection of key pieces to display. It is probably unrealistic to expect there would be sufficient space for two large sofas and four matching armchairs, for example. Likewise, too many smaller items will look cluttered and fussy.

Your new apartment will likely be decorated in neutral shades, so adding a dash of colour and extra comfort with soft furnishings and selecting curtains or blinds which complement the interior are another way to inject some personality to your new surroundings. Colour themes could be taken from your existing furniture and complemented or contrasted accordingly. 

Cushions can really rejuvenate a sofa.  Sparkling bergamot and pinks, as a combination, can add a vibrant touch of spring to the room, and ‘quieter’ tones will invoke a more relaxed feel.

It goes without saying that wall art also adds personality to your space – your favourite painting and photographs of family and friends. A strategically placed mirror adds light and a modern touch to the apartment, as can a strategically placed lamp.

As soft furnishings can be easily be swapped in and out, they are a good way of refreshing an interior when you are ready for a re-fresh – and think what fun you can have in choosing what comes next.