Artist painting

Vale Artists Beavering Away on Festival Work

Our regular art class attenders are currently engaged in creating a fascinating artwork to feature at this year’s Streatham Festival.

Tutored by artist and designer, Di Robertson, the group is putting together a series of four panels to reflect Streatham through the seasons. Traditionally, panels of this kind were used as altar pieces. Three panels are collectively known as a tetraptych; four panels are a quadriptych.

The latest painting session took its inspiration from the ‘Gardening Giverny’ exhibition which ran recently at The Garden Museum in Lambeth. The museum celebrates the art, history and design of British gardens. ‘Gardening Giverny’ followed the work of Jean-Marie Toulgouat, the great grandson of Monet, who created the famous garden in Normandy that featured in so many of his paintings, especially the ‘water lilies’ series.

The Valees swapped Giverny to focus instead on The Rookery Gardens in Streatham for their ‘Spring’ panel, the third in their series. The final panel, ‘Summer’ will be produced in June.

Andrea, a member of the group, whose work is pictured here, said: “We really had to concentrate but we thoroughly enjoyed it.” Andrea’s sister bought her a special brush to encourage her to paint and it seems to have been the perfect gift.

This year’s Streatham Festival takes place in October, so our group will have plenty of time to put the finishing touches to their quadriptych. Last year, the artists worked collaboratively to produce an acrylics artwork spelling out STREATHAM with each letter personalised by a member of the group.