Watch The Birdie

To coincide with the return of the BBC’s popular Springwatch programme, residents have been keeping an eye out for the wildlife that visits The Vale’s garden at this time of this year.

This colourful Jay has certainly appreciated the water feature. It is just one of many birds that will make grateful use of somewhere to drink and bathe during the busy season of nesting, breeding and feeding young. 

A water feature, such as a pond, bird bath or even just a saucer is probably of more use and interest to birds and mammals than food. You might be surprised at just how many creatures make use of it. If you have the opportunity to site a water feature, try to put it close to a hedge or tree so that the birds can hide from predators. Leave some distance so that leaves and other debris don’t fall in .. and remember to keep it clean and topped up with fresh water. Try to avoid tap water that has been treated with a water softener.

We already have some keen birdwatchers amongst our residents here at The Vale. No doubt they will have their binoculars at the ready. If you are new to the pastime, you may be surprised at how many species visit the garden, even in London, and how addictive but calming it becomes.