World Bee Day

Residents celebrated World Bee Day (20 May) with a special lunch, designed and produced by Gordon.

Bee Day highlights the importance of these wonderful insects and the crucial role they play in the world as pollinators.

Bees are often described as the ‘sentinels of the environment’. Without them, most fruits, flowers and seeds would disappear, taking with them the scents, flavours and colours that we treasure.

‘As busy as a bee’ is a phrase known to many of us and it so aptly describes the bee as a hard worker, resilient, with an inner belief in its ultimate goal and ability to get there.

Gordon had certainly been busy in the kitchen. His menu comprised marinated mushrooms in a honey mustard glaze, followed by roast salmon fillet with honey and lemon hollandaise sauce, rounded off with honey and lime marinated pineapple accompanied by coconut ice cream.

Who could ‘bee’ disappointed with that?